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Oq vc acha de poseyholic?

Acho bem legal, anon!

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Qual o nome dos fãs do tyler?

Bom, não sei de nenhum nome. Mas EU, eu chamo de Poseys. haha

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BTS Fandom Awards (x)

Arden e Dylan sobre Tyler Posey!


Do You Heart Tyler Posey? Duh! That’s why you should watch MTV this Sunday at 11am because it’s going to be a giant T Pose Love fest! And you’ll get to see baby Tyler in Maid in Manhattan! 

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Icons: Tyler em Workaholics 3x14 | Tyler in Workaholics 3x14

Icons: Tyler Posey no painel sobre Teen Wolf na C2E2!

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Posey cat ♥

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Posey with @dauntdraws and @NATWPodcast at the #bitecon tea party. Posey checking out the Adagio teas, smelling his tea for the first time by putting his ENTIRE face in the bag, and then letting the audience know that he’d be willing to provide the cream for the tea… in his own way. 


Cast of Teen Wolf being adorable at BiteCon 2014
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